Interactive Brokers – Top Online Broker for nine consecutive years, as awarded by Barron’s, the tech-first approach of Interactive Brokers and its global reach made it an obvious choice when Investor Signals expanded our brokerage offering into the US markets.

Australian Model Portfolios 

  • ASX Top 20
  • ASX Top 50
  • ASX Top 100 (Only available inside the Investor Signals Global Investment Fund)
  • iShares Global ETF
  • High Conviction

US Model Portfolios 

  • Dow 30
  • US100 (Only available inside the Investor Signals Global Investment Fund)
  • High Conviction

​All accounts include access to one or more of the available models as well as an “independent” portfolio where we can work in partnership with you to execute buy/sell orders on your behalf across 125 markets in 31 countries. Stocks, options, futures, FX, and bonds are available from a single integrated account. 

​Our Fee Structure – No markup on Brokerage

Our trading fees contain two components:

Execution Fee

Execution fees are variable, depending on the Exchange and Region.

For Australian Stocks
0.08% of trade value, with a minimum of AUD $6 per order.
400 shares@ AUD 50 Share Price= AUD 16

For US Stocks
USD $0.005 per share, with a minimum of USD $1 and a maximum of 1% of trade value.
100 Shares @ USD 25 Share Price = USD 1.00
1,000 Shares @ USD 25 Share Price = USD 5.00
1,000 Shares @ USD 0.25 Share Price = USD 2.50

Full details on all execution fees are available here.

Performance Fee

All client accounts are subject to a performance fee which includes two components.

  1. 1.95% Annualised Percentage of Net Liquidation Value applied on a daily basis.
  2. 20% Percentage of Quarterly P&L applied as of 31/3, 30/6, 30/9 and 31/12
    1. ​Applied when performance exceeds the benchmark of the S&P/ASX 200, with a high watermark and one look back period.