Our Products & Services


As a leading portfolio manager of ASX & US top 100 securities, Investor Signals business is based on the need to form accurate analysis of both fundamental and technical data that is impacting trends of the largest companies listed on the ASX & US exchanges…

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Brokerage Account

​All accounts include access to one or more of the available models as well as an “independent” portfolio where we can work in partnership with you to execute buy/sell orders on your behalf across 125 markets in 31 countries…

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Managed Fund

The Fund focuses on Australian and United States large cap securities and ETFs, to deliver superior risk adjusted investment returns. Our unique point of difference is our proprietary algorithm-based investment models which are designed to quantify market momentum…

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Our Approach

Investor Signals takes a quantitative analysis approach using proprietary technology to analyse large cap listed securities to identify industry leaders with strong cash flow, increasing earnings, low debt and positive market momentum. Our algorithm investment models combined with over 22 years of industry experience, help in our pursuit of delivering investment out performance in all market conditions.
Our research and investment services tend to focus on the following securities and exchange traded funds:
  • ASX 200 securities that make up the constituent list  of the Standard & Poors 200 (XJO) index and exchange traded funds which cover securities in the ASX 200
  • United States equities – S&P100 and NASDAQ 100 securities that make up the constituent list of the Standard and Poors S&P100 (OEX) index and NASDAQ 100 index (NDQ) and exchange traded funds which cover securities in those indices.
Investor Signals offers our clients 3 core product choice; working with our group often starts by becoming a subscriber to our research service and accessing our member only portal. From there our clients then decide how much control they want over their investment decisions.
  • Membership – for self-directed clients we offer our membership technology which includes model portfolios and ASX buy/sell research
  • Brokerage Account – for clients seeking a managed approach, we offer our brokerage account service where we work in partnership with you to manage your broking account.
  • Managed Fund – for clients seeking a set and forget approach, we have a managed unit trust fund.