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• Signals on when to buy and sell

• Education on how to use the technology

• Guidance on system set up and the best tools

Education and mentoring & digital assets

How will the service help me:

Identifying positive momentum among 50+ cryptocurrencies.

Cuts down the workload to filter the cryptocurrencies that large institutional investors are buying or selling.

We help broaden the knowledge for new investors getting started for the first time, or experienced clients that are looking for institutional tools such as futures, hedging, and market flow analysis.

Recent Signals

Crypto Large Cap Model Portfolio

  • Injective Protocol up 453%
  • THORChain up 313%
  • TRON up 84%
  • Ave 67%
  • Cardano 62%
  • Maker 57%

Cardano Remain Overweight: Large Cap Model…

Trade opened on 6/6/2023 and is still open as of 11/01/2024 and the position is up 62%

Holding period 219 days

Our proprietary algo engine identifies bullish and bearish momentum among digital assets

Crypto is shaping up to be a technology that
disrupts many industries and has become a global megatrend.

As the Chief Investment Officer for the Investor Signals Global Investment Fund, I am pleased to offer my investment experience and market insights to our subscribers.

High conviction buy/sell ideas for the top 50 digital assets.

“Just wanted to say how comforting your market updates always are, through booms and busts, always calm and rational” – D. Wallman

A Blend of Technical & Fundamental Analysis

Join Investor Signals and gain access to comprehensive research and advice on digital assets

Our proprietary algo engine models offer three main attributes.

  • the potential for high returns
  • high volatility/risk
  • low correlation with traditional assets

As well as crypto coins, investing in individual companies can provide exposure to a portfolio of businesses driving the crypto economy. In our education course, we’ll show you the companies leading the way in digital asset services and our algo engine will detail which ones you should now own.

Your trial includes education on topics such as…

Introduction to Cryptocurrency
Digital Currencies and Mining
Alternative Coins
Investment Mindset
Cryptocurrency Storage
Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Transferring, Buying and Selling
Investor Signals Algorithmic Engine Investment Strategy and Trading Strategy
Data Tools and On-chain Platforms
Defi and Staking

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