What we Offer

The Fund focuses on Australian and United States large cap securities and ETFs, to deliver superior risk adjusted investment returns.

Our unique point of difference is our proprietary algorithm-based investment models which are designed to quantify market momentum and remove much of the emotional human bias in the investment decision-making process.

Four classes of units in the Fund are offered

Class A Units – which provide investment exposure to ASX listed securities and exchange traded funds.

Class B Units – which provide investment exposure to United States listed securities and exchange traded funds.

Class C Units – which provide investment exposure to our ASX 100 Trade Table, a fully automated model with protective stop losses.

Class D Units – which provide investment exposure to Australian Property Trusts (REITs) and Companies directly servicing the industry.

Investor Signals Global Investment Fund

The Fund is a high quality asset investor, focused on the largest companies measured by market capitalization.

​Our Fund aims to provide growth over the medium term (3 – 5 years), through a disciplined algorithm based investment model.

​The investment strategy is focused on the ASX100 & US S&P100 listed securities and ETFs. 

Investment Style of Investor Signals

The Fund takes a quantitative analysis approach, analysing predictive behavior and events through the use of mathematical measurements and calculations, statistical modeling and research.

The core investment focus is on the following group of large cap companies and exchange traded funds – ASX 100 and ASX listed ETFs for Class A Units, and US based S&P100 & NASDAQ 100 and US listed ETFs for Class B Units.

Invest in Australia’s Best

Invest in the World’s Best

Unit Pricing

ClassUnit PriceLast Updated
Class A$1.12851-Mar-2024
Class B$1.16921-Mar-2024
Class C$0.97471-Mar-2024
Class D$1.11081-Mar-2024

Additional Information

Application for Units

To register your interest and to receive the fund offer document,  please email leon@investorsignals.com or call 1300 614 002.

An investment in the Fund is an investment in a managed investment scheme structured as a unit trust.  The Fund is a managed investment scheme which is not required to be registered pursuant to section 601ED(1) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).  Investor Signals Pty Ltd is the trustee and manager of the Fund.

Investor Signals is an Issuer of interests in the financial product Investor Signals Global Investment Fund which is a managed investment scheme and is required to make the TMD publicly available.

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