CURE ETF – Rallies 10%

ETFS S&P Biotech has been an overweight portfolio allocation and either taking profit now or sticking with the position, whilst the price action remains above the 10-day average, will provide a positive outcome.

The added buying interest in the US biotech sector following the recent announcement from Biogen is helping propel the CURE ETF.

TPG – Rallies 10%+

Buy TPG Telecom above the $5.06 higher low formation.

Traders should consider applying a stop loss below the recent pivot low of $4.81 or on a break of $5.06.

TPG offers solid free cash flow with an improving dividend story into FY22 and FY23.

12/6 Update: We continue to hold TPG and suggest traders stick with the trade as long as the price action remains above the 10 day average. The stock is now up over 10% since our entry condition was met earlier this month.

Woodside – Buy

WPL:ASX is under Algo Engine buy conditions and is a current holding in our ASX model portfolio.

12/6 Buy: Both investors and traders may wish to take another look at WPL. The recent pullback and higher low at $23 provide another opportunity to buy the stock.

Traders may consider a stop loss below 23.10.

IPL – Buy Signal

IPL:ASX is now under Algo Engine buy conditions and has been added to the ASX 100 model portfolio. 

We expect to see a pick up in second half earnings for IPL, which will help support the share price. 

Traders will note the high low formation at $2.35 and may wish to run a stop loss below this level.