The Investor Signals Islamic Quality portfolio offers direct exposure to our proprietary multi-factor selection process of global companies that pass rules-based screens for adherence to Shariah investment guidelines.

Mult-Factor Selection

Why Investor Signals Islamic Global Quality Portfolio?

1. Seek factor-driven outperformance over the long term in a portfolio of global shariah compliant companies.

2. Proven drivers of high growth returns in the global economy.

3. Quality (financially healthy firms), Value (inexpensive stocks), Size (Large high-quality balance sheets) and Momentum (trending stocks)

3. Gain cost-efficient access to a rules-based multifactor strategy in a simple managed approach.

Global Leading Sharia Screened Stocks

Plus Global Leading Sharia Screened ETFs

Costs: US$2,800 per year. Our allocation models will email you/or your broker instructions on when to add or remove any investment from your managed Islamic portfolio. This means, no new brokerage accounts or added paperwork. Simple, quick, and efficient.

100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, no delays if you’re unhappy with our service after the first 90 days. We refund 100% of your purchase price.

What should you expect: It’s essential to recognize that our model is a medium-term investment strategy and statistically generates an average of 8 rebalancing transactions per annum. Meaning the workload is minimal, transaction costs are low and portfolio tracking and performance is easy to keep on top of.

Does it work: The results speak for themselves. Over the last 10 years, our model has turned $100,000 into $1,300,000 million dollars, outperforming the S&P500 by a wide margin. Our multi-factor approach is unique, and our blended models of quality, growth, and momentum work to identify the optimum entry and exit timing around the highest quality Sharia-compliant companies in the world.

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