Goldman Sachs – Q2 Earnings

Goldman Sachs Group remains under Algo Engine sell conditions.

Goldman reported Q2 revenue of $13.3bn & $2.4bn in profit. Estimates were for $3.78 in EPS and the number came in much higher at $6.26 earnings per share.

The report came out before the bell last night and GS was up 5.5% yet at the close, up only 1.3%.

Banks with exposure to trading revenue have seen strong market conditions in the June quarter, however, it’s likely that trading revenue will slow down in the back half of 2020.

Goldman set aside a higher than expected, $1.59bn for potential credit losses.

We continue to have a cautious outlook on the sector as we head into the remainder of 2020, downside risks remain from the economic uncertainty and the significant pressure from low-interest rates.