Bega – Rallies 10%+

Bega Cheese is under Algo Engine buy conditions and is a current holding in our model portfolio.

The share price has rallied from the $5.00 support level, following the announcement of Bega’s move to take ownership of the Lion Dairy & Drinks business. This includes brands such as Dairy Farmers, Yoplait, Big M, Masters and Farmers Union Iced Coffee.

It’s a significant transaction for Bega as it presses ahead with plans to become an Australian-owned powerhouse in the food and drinks industry.

The combined group will have revenues of about $3 billion, with the addition of the Lion stable of brands more than doubling the size of Bega.

IDP – Under Review

ASX:IDP is under Algo Engine buy conditions and is a new entrant to the ASX 100 index, following the December rebalance.

The snapshot below highlights the key earnings data from the FY20 period. We’ll review the upcoming numbers when the Dec period is announced.

The stock remains under review as we analyze the earnings outlook balanced against the high PE valuation the stock currently trades on.