Warren Buffet’s top 25 holdings

Over the next month we will run a special coverage segment on US stocks and review the performance of recent Algo Engine buy signals within our S&P100 model.

To kick-off, what better way to start than looking at Warren’s portfolio?

Here are his top 25 holdings…



Ramsay Healthcare – FY18

Ramsay Healthcare reported FY18 results in-line with market consensus, however, the FY19 guidance was below expectations.

Underlying earnings increased 7% in FY18 and that growth rate is likely to slip to 4 – 5% in FY19. With the stock on a forward yield of 2.7% we see further downside risk to the share price in the short-term.

RHC is a high quality business and we’ll be watching for the next Algo Engine buy signal.

Material earnings benefits from new hospital  projects are expected in the coming years; we see both Healthscope and Ramsay Healthcare as long-term value plays with a defensive yield.

Buy Healthscope today and remain patient for the entry condition into Ramsay.


Unibail-Rodamco – 1H18

URW reported 1H18 earnings of €6.61 per share, which was ahead of market consensus forecasts.

Full year guidance 12.75-12.90 per share was maintained for the combined entity and synergy cost saving targets were upgraded.

URW will be looking at 3 billion + in asset sales as they rationalise their portfolio, post the Westfield acquisition. Progress on this front, along with more detail in the next earnings update, should help to drive further share price appreciation.

Group EPS growth is forecast at 5% and the the stock is now on a forward yield of 6%.


Westpac Gets A Lift From Higher Rates

Our ALGO engine triggered a buy signal for WBC on Monday’s ASX close at $27.76.

This “higher low” price pattern is referenced to the low of $27.24 posted on June 14th.

WBC shares got a lift yesterday after investors reacted positively to the bank’s out of cycle increase of variable rate mortgages.

Effective September 19th, WBC will impose a 14 basis point increase to all standard mortgages, which will lift the rate to 5.38%.

In previous postings, we have cited  compressed margins and decreasing loan creation as a potential headwind for the banking sector and consider the recent upside price action as corrective in nature.

We expect the other major banks to follow WBC’s lead and lift variable mortgage rates over the next few days.


ALGO Update: Stay Long Woolworths

Our ALGO engine triggered a buy signal for WOW on August 23rd at $28.25.

Since then, the share price has has traded in a relatively narrow range between $28.80 and $28.20.

The technical picture has improved and internal momentum indicators are now in oversold territory.

We see good support in the $28.00 area with an upside target near $30.00 over the medium-term.

WOW goes ex-dividend for 50 cents on September 13th with a special dividend of 10 cents, for a total of 60 cents.


ALGO Buy Signal For AZJ

Our ALGO engine triggered a buy signal for Aurizon Holdings on Tuesday at $4.24.

This “higher low” chart pattern is referenced to the low of $4.10 posted on June 13th.

AZJ’s FY2018 results, which were released last week, showed a modest 1% decrease in revenue from last year, but the underlying EBIT of $940 million was up 6% from 2017.

With a total dividend of 27 cents, the stock has an effective yield of 6% at current prices.

We expect the initial price target of $4.60 to be reached over the medium term.