Buy Tabcorp

Following the recent Algo Engine buy signal, we view the “higher low” technical setup in Tabcorp as a bullish pattern.

From a fundamental earnings perspective, we also see the stock price strengthening into the August earnings result.   We expect to the stock price supported by post merger cost savings and moderate organic growth.


GPT Rallies Into Wednesday’s AGM

Shares of GPT are up 1.5% in early trade in front of its AGM scheduled for Wednesday.

In the March quarter, GPT reported total shopping center comparable MAT growth of 2.1%, with 34,100 sqm of leasing space signed in the quarter and the acquisition of Sunshine Business Park in Melbourne for $74 million, with an initial yield of 6.1%.

The share price has hit $4.80 so far this morning and will see further resistance in the $5.00 area.

We consider GPT a solid “Buy/Write” strategy at current levels as the sold call option premium will enhance portfolio cash flow.

GPT will pay a 12.3 cent dividend on June 29th, which places its annual yield around 5.00%.

General Property Trust


Westfield’s French Connection

Over the last three weeks, the $33 billion takeover offer of WFD by French commercial property company Unibail-Rodamco has moved a few steps closer to completion.

Following the approval from French regulators, the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board also gave the transaction the green light to proceed; shareholders will vote at the AGM on May 24th.

As illustrated in the charts below, since part of the $10.00 per share offer includes Unibail script, the price of WFD has been following price of Unibail shares higher.

WFD was added to our ASX Top 20 Model Portfolio on February 7th at $8.90 and our ALGO engine triggered a buy signal on the same day.

Technically, the December high of $9.77 is the next key level of resistance. We suggest shareholders look to add to long positions into the AGM and take profits or use a covered call strategy in the $9.70 price range.

This has been a very popular trade on our SAXO Go CFD platform. For more information on WFD or CFD trading opportunities, call our office at 1-300-614-002.


Westfield Corp LTD

ALGO Sell Signal For Woodside Petroleum

Our ALGO engine triggered a sell signal in WPL into the ASX close yesterday at $32.20.

This corresponds to the ALGO buy signal triggered on February 20th at $29.10. Investors who followed this trade would have gained over 10% on the trade.

As noted in previous postings, the WPL share price is closely correlated to the price of WTI crude oil, which has been trading near 4-year highs over $68.00 per barrel.

Recent increases in crude oil supplies have been offset by political tensions in the Middle East, which have kept oil prices buoyant.

We believe that WPL shares are overbought and susceptible to trading lower along with spot crude oil prices. As such, we suggest exiting long WPL positions near the $32.35 level.

Woodside Petroleum

Algo Update – S32 Generates 52% Return

Following the Algo buy signal, S32 was added to the ASX50 model portfolio in February 2017 at $2.50.

The stock price rallied to $4.00 this year, then sold-off and created a “lower high” formation; an Algo sell signal was generated last week.

We continue our technological research in algorithm trading and remain encouraged by historical testing results.

We’re increasingly applying the rule -based model into our broader portfolio management style.