Collins Food

28/6 update: Improved earnings announced yesterday have resulted in CKF rallying 14%. It remains an open trade in our ASX200 Trade Table screen.

CKF’s revenues were up 14.2% on the pcp in FY23. The strong result was driven by better-than-expected margin outcomes and top-line growth, particularly in Europe.

26/6 update: We now have the early stages of a FTFF pattern. The stop loss should be at $7.50

Collins Foods is under Algo Engine buy conditions and we add this one to our watchlist. The entry condition will be confirmed, with a turn higher in the momentum indicators.

Collins Foods – Live Education

Collins Foods is under Algo Engine buy conditions. Buying support is likely to increase within the highlighted price range.

7/2/2022 Update: The price action has found buying support at $10.70 and is now trading $12.00

8/2/2022 Update: Investors will hold Collins Foods as long as the stock remains under Algo Engine buy conditions.

Traders will refer to the 10-day average as their trailing “take profit” marker.