ETF Watch – IVV ETF (S&P500)

The IVV ETF is based on the S&P500 index in the US, the chart shows the market remains in a bullish higher low structure.

Investors continue to chase equity valuations higher as US GDP deteriorates.

Chart – IVV

The chart below is the BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF. Our Algo Engine triggered a buy signal in early 2016 when the ETF was trading at $10, it is now trading $13.50.


ETF Watch – IVV (S&P500)

The IVV is an iShares ASX listed ETF that provides exposure to the S&P500 index of stocks.

Our Algo Engine has triggered multiple buy signals over the past 3 years and so far, no sell signals. However, with the index at 18x earnings and deteriorating global economic data, we feel now is an opportunity to lock-in gains and wait for the next Algo Engine buy signal.

Chart – IVV