Key Data Points For The Aussie Dollar

From a trading perspective, the main numbers to watch this week for the AUD/USD are the Chinese GDP and local employment data on Thursday.

According to the recent PMI readings, labor market activity has slowed and the headline jobs number is estimated to fall from 54,000 to 14,000.

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Since posting a multi-year high at .8125 on September 8th, The AUD/USD has been largely driven by comments suggesting the RBA may join other G-7 central banks in beginning to raise interest rates.

If theses two data points show weakness, it’s reasonable to expect the RBA to keep its easing bias and the  AUD/USD to continue its downward trend.

Investors looking to profit from a lower AUD/USD can buy the BetaShare ETF with the symbol: YANK.

YANK is an inverse ETF, which means the price of YANK increases as the AUD/USD trades lower. It also has a weighting of 2.5%, which means the unit price will fluctuate  by 2.5% for every 1% change in the AUD/USD exchange rate.

With a current price of $13.00, we calculate that the price of YANK will be near $16.50 as the AUD/USD returns to the January low of .7160.


Aussie versus US Dollar



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