ALGO Buy Signal In BBOZ

Our ALGO engine triggered a buy signal in the BBOZ  ETF into yesterday’s ASX close at $14.80.

BBOZ is an inverse equity ETF based on the shares which trade in the ASX 200 index.

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Since BBOZ is an inverse ETF, the price will rise as the ASX 200 index trades lower.

The “higher low” buy signal is referenced to the January 14th low of $14.40.

With the ASX 200 index trading near the highs of the year, investors can look to buy BBOZ to hedge their exposure to a wide basket of shares in just one ASX regulated transaction.

As the local share index has rallied sharply over the last 4-weeks, the price of BBOZ has dropped over 14% from $16.85 to $14.50.

For more information about how to profit with trading strategies in the BBOZ ETF, call our office at 1-300-614-002.

BetaShare BBOZ ETF


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