BetaShares Australian Equities Bear Hedge

The inverse ETF’s over the ASX200 are performing well. BEAR (single inverse ETF) and BBOZ (double inverse ETF) are both trading higher as the ASX200 XJO index retreats from the recent highs.

These instruments act as a hedge against existing long equity holdings or as an outright trading position in portfolios.

Chart – BEAR ETF

Apply a stop loss, should the XJO index reverse and trade up through the highlighted range.

2 June 2016 ETF Signals

ASX Listed ETF Signals


BEAR.ASX is an inverse ETF based on the ASX 200 index. We note in today’s signals, BEAR.ASX has been triggered as a new bull trend. If you’re confused on this, remember it’s “inverse”, meaning it will rise in value as the XJO 200 falls.