After posting a low of $1238.00 on December 12th, Spot Gold has moved higher and reached $1270.00 in NY Trade last night.

The response of Newcrest shares has been relatively muted, but we expect a pick up over the near-term.

Our ALGO engine triggered a buy signal for NCM on December 15th at $21.75.

We still prefer the long side of NCM, along with the smaller producers SBM, SAR and EVN, and have an upside target near the November 29th high of $24.25.

Newcrest Mining



Newcrewst Mining Has Been Added To The Model Portfolio

Our ALGO engine triggered a buy signal on Newcrest Mining at $21.90 yesterday.

Clients and subscribers were notified via email that NCM has been added to our ASX Top 50 portfolio listed in the Premium section of the blog.

The recent slide in Spot Gold prices has impacted domestic Gold producers unevenly. Shares of the smaller firms like SBM, EVN and SAR have held their value and even firmed over recent sessions relative to NCM.

We believe that NCM’s recent sale of its 89.9% stake in Bonikro mine in Cote d’Ivoire has caused some short-term pressure to the share price value investors will support the share price in the $21.80 area.

The current momentum indicators are in oversold territory and the ALGO engine flagged the “higher low” formation based on the October lows near $20.90.

As the price of Spot Gold moves back into the $1300 area, we expect NCM shares to move back into the high $24.00 handle.




Buy The Dip In Gold

Over the last two weeks, the price of Gold has made two attempts at breaking through the $1300.00 mark.

On both occasions, the yellow metal dropped back to find support just above the $1270.00 level.

This technical pattern is known as a “pennant” formation and is a continuation pattern. In this case, the break out points for range extension are $1308 and $1263.

Fundamentally, the case for buying Gold remains compelling. The surge in volatility across global stock markets combined with heightened geopolitical uncertainty supports the logic for owning Gold or Gold mining shares.

We expect the price of Gold to break through the $1300 level over the near-term. Our preferred Gold mining shares are NCM, EVN, SBM and SAR.

Investors looking to profit from a rally in Gold can either buy these shares outright, or buy their CFDs listed on our SAXO Go platform.

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