Google Shares Drop On Lower Income

Shares of Alphabet, parent company of Google, are down over 3% to $967.00 in aftermarket trade.

After the close of trade today, the tech giant posted a 27.7% drop in quarterly profit compared to a year ago.

The company beat expectations on both the top and bottom line with earnings of $5.01 per share on $26 billion in revenue, compared to earnings of $4.49 per share on $21.5 billion a year ago.

However, a dip in net income from $4.88 billion a year ago to $3.50 billion this quarter offset the better-than-expected earnings.

Our ALGO engine triggered a buy signals on Alphabet on June 30th at $908.00. We will look for initial support at or near the $945.00 level.

Alphabet (Google)


Big Reversal In The FANG Stocks

Shares of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (also known as the FANG stocks) all fell over 3% today as investors pulled money out of the overheated US Tech sector.

The FANG stocks have been market leaders all year and have accounted for over 40% of the NASDAQ gains year-to-date. On a valuation basis, these names have added over $600 billion to the S&P 500 even though they only make up 13% of the index.

Many analysts have been expecting a pullback in the tech sector as P/E ratios and forward guidance data have approached the levels last seen prior to the 2000 and 2008 market corrections.

It’s worth noting as a point of reference that Microsoft, which is not a FANG stock, fell 62% after the 2000 tech bubble burst and dropped 45.5% during the financial crisis in 2008.

Even after today’s sharp decline, the S&P tech sector is still up over 18% for the year.

US Earnings Results: Google, Ford and Intel

Shares of Alphabet, the company formerly known as Google, fell over 3% as their Q4 EPS announcement fell short of the street’s expectations.

The search-engine giant posted earnings of $9.36 per share on expectations of $9.64. The company generated $5.33 billion in net income, which was up 8.3% against the same period last year. Revenues for Q4 were $26.06 billion, up 22% from last year.

We expect to see initial support for Google to be found in the $820.00 area.

Chart – Google


Ford Motor Company reported Q4 and full-year 2016 earnings earlier today, and the automaker missed by a narrow margin.

Ford’s  Q4, earnings were $0.30 per share. Analysts had expected $0.31 per share.

Revenue for the quarter was $38.7 billion, higher than expected. For the full year 2016, revenue was $151.8 billion, and net income was reported at $4.6 billion, down $2.8 billion from a year ago.

The stock has risen 8% in the past three months but fell 3% today to close at $12.30.

Our Algo Engine triggered a short signal on the 9th of December at $13.20. Momentum continues to look weak.


Shares of Intel traded over 3% higher and nearly reached a new five-year high of $38.00 as Q4 earnings and revenue both beat analysts’ expectations.

The chip-maker posted Q4 EPS at 79 cents per share on quarterly revenue of $16.37 billion. The street was expecting EPS of 74 cents on revenue of $15.75 billion.

The key growth sector for the firm has been the data center group, which posted an 8% year-over-year increase to $4.7 billion.

We view the growth prospects for Intel favorably and look for a price target of $46.00 over a 3-month horizon.

Chart – Intel